The first film based on animal rescue in Hong Kong

<p>Love Animals, Respect Their Lives<br />
A film based on a true story about animal rescue.Paws-Men, Save one, one lives! DIRECTOR Au Cheuk Man, Best Screenplay on Hong Kong Film Awards – SCRIPTWRITER Lou Shiu Wa</p>
<p>Can you bear it? In recent years, the frequency of reported animal cruelty cases have increased dramatically. They are reported by the mainstream media and widely circulated on social media. Although most of the comments express disgust, the increased frequency still has an adverse effecton society. To stop the negative trend, positive education plays an important role. It increases the public’s empathy, and leads the public to understand that any life should be respected and cherished.</p>
<p>《PAWS-MEN》Heart Touching& Inspiring. The genesis of this local film is to protect the weak and loyal animals. The film uses the real life cases of the non-profit organization “HK Paws Guardian” as the backbone of its creativity. Through different true stories, it guides the audience to self reflect. The message of “Love Animals Respect Their Lives”, aims to raise public awareness of animal rights.</p>
<p>《PAWS-MEN》3 Different Chapters Delivering the same positive message!The film is divided by 3 chapters, starring a famous actor in each chapter. By telling the stories in a light hearted and warm way, showing how a group of unsung heroes save the dogs with tears and laughter, the stories of dog abuse and stray dogs raise public awareness and support the message of “Save one, one lives”.</p>
<p>Part of the ticket proceeds of “PAWS-MEN” will be donated to HK Paws Guardian after cost deduction, in order to support their continuing good work in dog rescue. HK Paws Guardian is a local non-profit animal rescue organization, established in 2014. With the motto of “Save one, one lives”, it rescues abandoned and abused animals, by healing with medical attention and providing a temporary home for them until they find a permanent adoptor. The mottos : “Save one, one lives”;“Rescue > Heal > Home” Take actions to rescue the dogs, and change a life with sincerity. Although it cannot change the entire world, it can change the life of each abandoned or wounded stray animal.</p>
<p>We hereby cordially invite your company to take the lead in arranging private screenings for the general public. Through the content of the film and even with discussions, we can make everyone understand that any life is worthy of being cherished and respected.Our company can also assist in sending the representative of “HK Paws Guardian” to the screening, sharing the real cases of dog rescue and participating in an educational discussion. For more info, please contact:Full-range Multimedia Company,iW3 Entertainment Investment Limited,Film Production ‧ Event Management,Ann Fong, Phone: +852 6102 0096,Email:</p>
<p>About《 PAWS-MEN 》</p>
<p>Storyline of《PAWS-MEN》A dog rescue group, the “Paws-men”, is formed by Tat Yan, Charlie, Seal and Keith. Whenever a dog needs help, they will act as heroes and save the dog.<br />
The 3 chapters in the film are all about the real life dog rescue stories of “Paws-men”. They have encountered a lot of difficulties during the rescue process, such as suspicion of dog meat eating, a woman abusing a dog, and a vagrant that establishes a profound friendship with a dog. During the rescue process, it is lamentable that saving a dog is not hard, compared to solving the problems with humans. The whole film is 94 minutes long</p>
<p>Ryan Chanas Tat Yan, Charlie Onas Charlie, Au Cheuk Man as Seal, Lee Siu Lun as Keith</p>
<p>Bob Lam as Fat Ball, Famous actor, DJ, anchor-man, and contract based artist in TVB. Hosted in “Club de Banana”, and participated in movies such as “Young and Dangerous: Reloaded”, “Lan Kwai Fong 3”, “Love Detective”, “Anniversary”, “77 Heartbreaks”.<br />
Plays a restaurant owner in the film. The rumour has it that the restaurant is a dog eatery. Fortunately, Fat Ball is not a cold-blooded butcher, but rather believes he can save a dog when he pretends to kill one. The film points out every single life should be respected.</p>
<p>Tat as Master, Famous musician & actor, “Tat Ming Pair” is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. Participated in various movies & TV shows, “The God of Cookery”, “You Shoot, I Shoot”, “Super Model”, “McDull, the Alumni”, “72 Tenants of Prosperity”, “Ip Man 3”. Plays a homeless man in the film, who shares a life together with a street dog named “Superman”. Unfortunately, “Superman” is lost. His story in the film features a true friendship that goes beyond the species.</p>
<p>Lai Wun Chan as Madam Three, Won The Best Supporting Actress in Hong Kong Film Award in 2009 for “The Way We Are” when she was 70. Over 40 years as an actress, participating in countless movies and TV Shows with great contribution to the industry, such as “Mu Guiying”, “My Date with a Vampire”, etc.<br />
Plays a grandma in the film, who has a dog that was loved by the whole family. However, an unfortunate historical incident puts the relationship under pressure. Her story in the film describes pets’ absolute loyalty to their owners and owners’ dedication to their pets.</p>
<p>Isabel Chan as Lam Ngar Yu, Actress & Model. Most widely known as Isabel in “Love off the cuff”. Participated in several radio dramas, “Y2K Series”, “Umbrella Movement One-Year-On”, and movies, “Butterfly”, “Trivial Matters”, “12 Golden Ducks”. Plays a civil servant in the film, who often has to deal with ex-boyfriend Tat Yan due to their different situations.</p>
<p>Lam Yiu Sing as Lau Ya Chuen, Actor & Model. Main actor in “Weeds on Fire”. Participated in several movies, “Dream Home”, “Love in the Buff”, “Diva”. Plays a bully in the film, who frequently complains to government departments due to his prejudice against dogs. His actions cause many street dogs to be unnecessarily put down. Through frequent confrontation with Paws-Men, his story in the film brings out that regardless of humans』 attitude towards dogs, dogs’ attitude towards humans is always the same.</p>
<p>DIRECTOR Au Cheuk Man, who is a Hong Kong director and scriptwriter. He is the Director and Scriptwriter of The Gigolo, also is the scriptwriter of Lan Kwai Fong 3, executive director of May We Chat. Besides, he takes different position like scriptwriter or actor in the different films such as May We Chat, Poor Dad Smiley Dad. SCRIPTWRITER Lou Shiu Wa, who is a Hong Kong screenwriter who wins Best Screenplay on 28th Hong Kong Film Awards by The Way We Are. Also, she takes screenwriter in different films, for example: Beautiful 2012-My Way and May We Chat.</p>
<p>About《 HK Paws Guardian 》</p>

HK Paws Guardian


Still Ink 2nd February 2018
Save one, one lives
“300+ dogs have been saved since last year. Tonight, Kent went to Tai Mo Shan to rescue the dog as usual. Although he failed this time, Kent said he would not give up.”

Hong Kong Animal Post 29th November 2017
“Paws” do not only rescue cats and dogs, HK Paws Guardian rescued a wounded calf
“HK Paws Guardian guards not only cats and dogs. It helped a mother cow by cutting away half of its horn to prevent it from piercing the scalp…”

Untitled 20th November 2017
Struggling to find a shelter, stray dogs on Anderson Road need to be rescued
“HK Paws Guardian has been paying close attention to the problem of stray dogs on Anderson Road, and has actively sent volunteers to the scene to sterilize dogs…”

HKET 23rd August 2017
HK Paws Guardian rescued a dog before typhoon
“It took about 2 hours to finally rescue the dog from the waterway, feed it with water, and check if it was injured…”

HK Animal Post 18th January 2017
HK Paws Guardian rescued two Yuen Long old dogs
“When the volunteers examined and showered the dogs, they discovered that the two dogs were way too thin. It was clear that they had not been fed for a long time. The dogs acted like they hadn’t eaten for ages when the volunteers fed them with food…”

Oriental Daily 4th December 2016
Positive vibes: Guarding the paws
“However, many dogs could not escape the fate of being put down after they were sent to the institutions. Therefore, he set up a dog farm at his own expense for the abused stray dogs to be taken care of, and to ensure that they were handed over to a responsible new owner.”

Qiqu world 26th November 2016
Fo tan pregnant stray dog’s neck was cut
“According to the HK Paws Guardian, the dog’s throat has a wound deep enough for a man’s palm to reach inside…”


Introduction of the founder of HK Paws Guardian
30th November 2016, TV Most: Introducing the founder of HK Paws Guardian
12th February 2016, Youtube Jason: Introducing HK Paws Guardian
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